Yoga Pose of the month

Feb 26, 2018

January 2018: Supported Child’s Post (Salamba Balasana)


After the exhilaration of the Festive Season, socialising with family & friends and wrapping up the work year, you may feel the need for some quiet, restorative time. In this case, Supported Child’s Pose is ideal.

You may use a bolster (as in the picture) under your torso and head or if you don’t have a bolster then you can substitute with blankets & cushions. In this version, we also have the knees wide to make room for the bolster (or if you are pregnant, for your belly). If you have sensitive knees you can try a blanket under your knees or in your knee creases.

Once you are in the pose, you can turn your head to one side and close your eyes. Breath in through your nose, down into your belly and then exhale gently out through your mouth with a subtle sigh or sound if it feels right. Notice your body sensations – simply as qualities – such as hot or cold, rather than good or bad. Then notice the rise and fall of your breath moving with your body. With each inhale feel the body expanding & rising. With each exhale, feel your body dropping heavy, and relaxed to the floor & props. Turn your head half way through your practice. You may stay here for up to 3 – 5 minutes if it continues to feel comfortable. Otherwise, come out whenever your body tells you it no longer feels comfortable.