Dear Gorgeous, Wise and Feminine Woman,

You may have noticed that things are changing out there in the world as we know it.   As women, we have significantly more opportunities and independance than our mothers & previous generations.  However, with this freedom comes  esponsibility and complexity.  Life is asking us to sit in both worlds – as women, mothers, aunties, sisters – and as business women, leaders, politicians and forces to be reckoned with. 

Here we offer you ways to reflect and re-connect with yourself through practices, courses and workshops .  And by doing this, creating your own “Red Tent’ as a way to honour yourself on a regular basis with self-care, rituals & creativity.  You will find that with this quiet time comes a sense of better knowing yourself, greater intuition and more clarity around your purpose.

I wish you the best on your journey with us and in your life.

Emma Grant



Do you seem to be constantly dieting?
Does your weight yo-yo up and down?
Are you often trying new diets that are hard to stick to or don’t work?
Do you find yourself eating when you are bored, upset or emotional?
This program helps you to:
• Become conscious of how, why and when you eat
• Understand your body constitution and digestion using Ayurvedic Principles

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This is a class where you can be who you truly are, without striving for perfection, beauty, glamour and not needing to act from obligation, responsibility or care for anyone except yourself.

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