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Are you wanting a yoga practice that honours you as a woman ?  A class that feels more feminine and allows you to unlock your creative, sensual energy known as Shakti ?  I am excited to offer a new Shakti Yoga Class for women.

This class is a deeply feminine & fluid experience for women of all ages, that gives you a space to release, let go, breath out, sigh and shake off anything that needs to be expressed or is not working in your every day life. You may access your inner child, rebellious teenager or wild woman.

This is a class where you can be who you truly are, without striving for perfection, beauty, glamour and not needing to act from obligation, responsibility or care for anyone except yourself.   You can ground yourself, rest into mother earth and at times – be in stillness.

It is from this place, that we can remember who we are and re-connect to our true essence of Shakti – pure, creative, feminine, powerful and sexual force. She sits in all of us, waiting to arise when we are ready to receive her. When she is channelled in a healthy, productive way we will be in our ‘flow’, living our dharma or life purpose – whatever that may for you in that moment. You will feel energised, clear, self-expressed and radiant. Our shakti needs to be expressed – our inner world, dreams, desires & passions, needs to pour out into our external world through work, play and purpose.

However, when our shakti is repressed, stuck, mis-guided or not expressed, we may experience any of the following:

  • low energy
  • depression, lack of motivation or purpose
  • anger or frustration
  • anxiety and restlessness
  • uncertainty, difficulty making decisions
  • low self-esteem & confidence
  • physical imbalances or symptoms

Shakti Yoga for Women will include: Asana (postures), breathwork (pranayama), meditations, visualisations and other practices to encourage Shakti to awaken such as dancing, shaking and guided Yoga Nidra.


Date:  Private sessions by appointment
Time:  90 mins
Cost:  $90 per session or $240 for a package of 3
Venue:  Belongil, Byron Bay (address supplied upon booking)
Contact:  Emma 0410 576 267 or



Emma Grant:  Emma has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. During most of this time, she has specialised in yoga for women, including yoga for pregnancy and mothers. During these years, Emma has developed a style of yoga that is feminine, at times soft, still, fluid  & restful and when needed strong, moving and wild.

Emma uses traditional yoga asanas and breath to access the subtle layers of our being to connect with our physical, energetic, emotional and mental parts of ourselves as well as our Blissful true nature.

Emma Grant
0410 576 267

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