Postnatal & Mums & Baby yoga

Course starts Wed 9th May, 11am to 12:30pm

Congratulations on the birth of your baby and Welcome to Red Tent Yoga’s program for mums and babies ! The course is taught by Emma Grant, yoga teacher of mums & bubs yoga for 14 years, and practitioner of Ayurveda for 12 years.

The Program has a holistic approach to motherhood offering:

  • Yoga postures, breathing, meditation techniques & deep relaxation
  • Ayurveda handouts, recipes + Ayurvedic Brunch & Tea
  • Sharing, discussion and self-inquiry as woman and mother.

The Program is available to mums of babies of all ages and will run for 5 weeks, beginning with a foundation yoga practice which builds on strength & posture every week while also focusing on a related discussion Topic for women to deepen their connection to self, baby, partner, family and especially opportunity to bond with other mums:

  • Week 1: Your new Body & Baby after Birth
    Celebrate, Connect and Heal
  • Week 2: Toning Pelvic Floor
    Support & Stability
  • Week 3: Strengthen Core Abdominal Muscles
    Getting your needs met
  • Week 4: Feeling comfortable in your body
    Finding your Centre
  • Week 5: Finding your Home Practice
    Keeping Your Goddess alive as a mama


Each weekly Class will include:

1) 1 Hr Yoga class which includes:
– quick & easy meditation techniques for mums
– warm up and Yoga postures that offer both strength and toning (in all the right places), as well as relaxation and nourishment for body and mind

2) Ayurveda Handouts, recipes and discussion focusing on nourishing food for mums & babies, balancing lifestyle suggestions and more

3) Sharing circle and opportunities for discussion and self-enquiry around topics such as your birth, emotions, hormones & motherhood, parenting choices, relationships

4) Light Brunch offered after yoga class, Ayurvedic Tea and nourishing yummy food

This is specifically designed as a program for mums that does require commitment to the course and most importantly to herself and her baby. This is much more than a yoga class, it is an opportunity to journey with other mums and come out the other side with a strong body & mind, tools, practices and to take home and a circle and support of like minded mothers.

Pricing Options:

5 week Course is $80/$70 conc (please bring concession card) which needs to be paid upfront by direct transfer (see below) to ensure your booking and place in course. Limited numbers.

Please email Emma to confirm payment has been made to finalise booking on

Emma Grant
0410 576 267

Direct Transfer Details: Red Tent Yoga  BSB: 012554  A/C: 216 242 033