Do you seem to be constantly dieting?

Does your weight yo-yo up and down?

Are you often trying new diets that are hard to stick to or don’t work?

Do you find yourself eating when you are bored, upset or emotional?


”LOVE YOUR BODY is a program that offers lifelong tools

using Yoga, Ayurveda and Self-Inquiry to develop

a healthy relationship with your mind, body and food –

and ultimately with the people and world around you.”


This program helps you to:
• Become conscious of how, why and when you eat
• Understand your body constitution and digestion using Ayurvedic Principles
• Look at and resolve deep core beliefs about yourself that affect the way you eat
• Learn how to let go of dieting, weight-loss programs and calorie counting
• Develop practices and tools using yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and self-enquiry
• Find ways to honour yourself and your body and eat from a place of Love



Initial Consultation:     

1.5 hours     $125


This first meeting allows time for hearing about your life experiences & story that have brought you to this present situation or condition. Together we will explore through self-enquiry & counselling the possible sources of imbalance or dis-harmony in your life & your relationship with food or your body. From here, recommendations are made for you to take into your daily life including suggestions for food, eating routines, yoga practices and meditations.


Follow-up Consultations: 1 hour                      $95
Package of 3 sessions x 1  $250


These sessions will continue to explore your relationship with food & your body, while refining your home practices and ongoing recommendations.

For enquiries & bookings by appointment, contact Emma at or 0410 576 267




The Story of Love Your Body

Love Your Body was created after going away on a girls weekend with some friends. Over the weekend, each of the women complained in some way about her body – wanting to look different, complaining about their weight or simply not liking their body.

At the end of the weekend, Emma suggested creating a program for her friends to help learn to love their body more through a weekly yoga practice & philosophy, learning the principles of Ayurveda & Ayurvedic nutrition and through self-enquiry practices.  Within a couple of weeks, they had started the program at her home and immediately, Emma’s friends began noticing changes in their body, and importantly their awareness around their eating habits and patterns. They looked forward to their weekly yoga classes and learning more about ayurveda and about their relationship with food and their body.

What started as an idea for a basic 6 weeks course ended up continuing into a 6 month program. By the end of the program each of Emma’s friends experienced real transformation. They felt more comfortable in their body, experienced their body weight coming back into balance, they were making loving choices around food and each of the women felt more connection to herself and and ultimately more Love for her Body.

With the success of her first 6 month program, Emma rolled out her first Love Your Body in her Byron Bay studio – Red Tent Yoga. The program began in February as a 6 week course, and similar to her first course with her friends, the women were experiencing such immediate transformation and success that they kept asking for more and the program continuing on for the entire year.

Emma’s own life experience and journey with food & eating began as a child. In her childhood home, there was much calorie counting going on (as was common in the 1970’s & 80’s) & virtually never sweet treats in the house, in fear of eating the whole box. As a child, Emma’s weight was average and she did not experience any compulsions or issues around food or her body. However, when Emma entered adolescence and her body starting changing, she was unsure what to do. In the only way that she knew, Emma started counting calories and limiting her meals & food consumption. This turned into cycles of ‘yo-yo dieting’ which was  fuelled by food binges followed by strict dieting. As well as this, Emma began upping her exercise routine and was jogging for up to an hour, 7 days a week. This yo-yo dieting continued all through her 20’s and began to include alcohol binges as well.

When Emma did her yoga teacher training in an ashram in the USA, things changed radically. The food served was all vegetarian with minimal dairy or sugar, so naturally her body changed simply by the food she was eating. The most significant learning while living in the ashram came about by the requested silence during the meals. Instead of talking, laughing or being distracted by external focuses, the attention was now drawn to oneself. Looking more carefully at what was on your place, taking the time to chew food more fully & thoughtfully and therefore, not over eating and being connected to the process of eating. After 4 – 5 weeks living in this way on the ashram, Emma was able to let go of the  on and off yo-yo dieting as she learnt to listen to her internal compass that offered ongoing guidance and direction in to how to eat mindfully and what foods would served her body & mind the best.

Emma has felt liberated from the food compulsions and obsessive dieting for almost 20 years, during which time her body has grown and changed as she birthed 2 beautiful daughters and continued to Love her Body!

Emma now teaches Love Your Body as a workshop in Japan and offers Love Your Body as a private program for women, men or teens. Emma is currently studying counselling and incorporates these skills into her sessions, as well as her 20 years experience of yoga, meditation, self-enquiry & ayurveda.

Emma Grant
0410 576 267

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