Ayurveda is an ancient form of natural medicine originating from India thousands of years ago. Translated from Sanskrit it can be called Science of Life. More specifically it means knowledge of self-healing or holistic healing, with the idea that everything is interrelated, yet still unique. Ayurveda is applied on an individual basis and able to be used in people’s everyday lives using diet, massage & oils, exercise & yoga, herbs and lifestyle.

Ayurveda understands that each person is born with a basic nature or genetic make-up that does not change. This is called prakruti in Sanskrit. Ayurveda also understands that there is a changing nature or situation in the body during ones life, which is called the vikriti and signifies a transient state of body and mind. When prakruti and vikriti are the same then health will be present. When they are different an imbalance will be present which may pass over time or may continue onto become a “dis-ease”.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Emma offers individual sessions to assess your current state of health taking into consideration body, mind, emotions and lifestyle. Once this is ascertained, recommendations can be given regarding food & nutrition, daily routine, exercise and relaxation. This is beneficial for women of all stages of life as well as babies & children.

90 minute Session = $125

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Emma Grant
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